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This study investigated the effect of study skills training on poor study habits among senior secondary school students in Faggge local government Area of Kano State, Nigeria.Five research questions and five null hypotheses were formulated. The quasi experimental, pre-test, post-test control design guided the study. The population of the study comprised all the SS II students of Fagge local government area of Kano state. The sample was made up of 100 respondents who were assigned to two groups: study skills training(experimental group) and the control group. Each had 50 participants (25 males and 25 females). Purposive sampling was used in selecting students with poor study habits for the research. The instrument used to measure the poor study habits of students was Study Habits Inventory developed by Bakare (1977). Data were analysed using percentages, mean, standard deviation and t-test. The results showed that, there is significant effect between secondary school students exposed tostudy skills training and the control group (t=17.308, p=0.000); there is significant effect of the study skills training between the treatment and control group on home work and assignment (t=4.577, p=0.000);there is significant effect of the study skills training between the treatment and control group on time allocation,reading and note taking, and study period procedures (t=13.999, p=0.000); there is significant effect of the study skills training between the treatment and control group on concentration, written works, examinations and teacher consultation(t=18.374, p=0.000); there is significant difference between poor study habits of male and female respondent in the treatment group(t=6.126, p=0.000). Based on these findings, it was recommended that school counsellors should organize study skills training for their students often;thiscan be done every term or per session.



1.4 Background to the Study

The achievement any society made is not the function of the building acquired but depends on the capacity of inhabitants who constitute such society. Every society needs a reasonable number of elites to make great achievement. The capacity of the inhabitants is in turn reflected through academic success which is a function of study habits and attitude to study. Any fundamental change in the intellectual and social outlook of any society has to be preceded by effective study habits and positive attitude to studying by its inhabitants.

For students in formal educational institutions to attain successful achievement in their academic pursuit, they need to have good study habits. Each individual needs to understand the pattern of studies to adopt in order to excel in the course of schooling. Most students perform below average due to lack of good study habits (Abdullahi, 2008). Some students usually have problem getting started. They start studying very late. At this time, the work becomes so cumbersome with so much available materials to read and a lot of assignments to be done (Akafa, 2011).

Most students are involved with so many activities aside their studies. They skip reading their note after lessons; they keep postponing their time of studies. All books are piled up to be read at once. Hence, it is pertinent to note that there is need to encourage good study habits among students so as to attain standard and qualitative education. Each individual needs to understand the suitable approaches to consider when studying. In most cases, students are often confused on how to start, what to do within a short limited time, the time required to study in order to comprehend.

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