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            According to Freeman (1996), crime is an activities of individuals with low legitimable earring, prospects, and involvement with the criminal justices system which has become part of normal economic life for many young men. For example, over half of 25 to 34 years men who are high school dropouts are either incarcerated, on probation or on parole. Yet many disadvantaged men do not commit crimes, and between the age of 25 and 35 many offenders either decrease their level of criminal activities or desist altogether.

            The issue of crime and criminal activities in Nigeria has assumed an enormous stage in the society so much that every aspect of life is affected one way or the other. Today, there is hardly an aspect of life of many Nigerians that is crime free. The cankerworm of crime has so much eaten deep into our body system to the extend that people do not trust or believe one another again. Through all society experience criminal activities at one time or the other but the differences is the rate at which crime is committed in the society.

            However, to ascertain the level of criminal activities in the contemporary Nigeria society one only needs to listen to programmes and music on radio, television sets and open the pages of newspaper and magazines, it would be discovered that most every edition in programme of those medias report contained one form of crime or the other. Criminal activities range from cheating in examination. Drugs which are linked most often to organized crime, but other criminal activities also have to be recognized for their negative effects on youths, falsification of certificates and figure to defrauding activities.

            Therefore the prevalent rate of crime in the society makes it necessary for the curious mind of this researcher to develop into this project in order to find out the exact factors responsible for the unprecedented increase in crime wave in Nigeria. There are obvious direct impacts that organized crime has on youth as it related to the illicit drugs trade. Youth can be directly involve in the production, exportation trafficking and the purchase of drugs, organized crime’s involvement in drugs provides for easy availability of illicit substances and the increased used of certain drugs by youth (Adlaf et al,  1995).

            Youth are affected by many more people and factors than those they directly encounter. Parents friends, school and the larger communities strongly influence the learning and development environment of youth. If organized crimes in general or any of its related activities affects anyone in this environment through collusion, addition or perception, it is also likely to affect the youth as well. This paper will attempt to observe the impacts on youth where behavioural modeling, and influence from peers or the larger community has occurred, or is likely. The direct impacts result from the direct involvement in a specific activity of organized crime. One example could be luring or selling drugs to children or youth through the internet. Another may be the effect of an activity on children or youth in the local community where the organized criminals operate. The direct impacts are the increased use and demand for illicit goods, and the modeling of criminal behaviour.

            Moreso from the daily contact of this researcher with the society at micro-macro levels regarding the perpetration of crime in the society has so much laid the foundation for an investigation into the issue of crime in Nigeria. Also, to identify the real causes and effects of this criminal activities in our society.

            Moreover it is also the hope of this researcher that if the causes of crime could be identified its harming effects will be reduced.


            Because all factors of life be it social economic, political are affected with one problem or the other. It is regrettable to note that despite the agitations for better moral practices and the rebranding efforts in the nation, Nigerians are still in value conflicts and the unprecedented spate of violence and criminal activities among Nigerian youths cannot be under estimated. It is against this bankrupt that this study was designed and aimed at finding out the factors responsible for crime in contemporary Nigeria society.

            Also, to ascertain the factor responsible for increase in the wave of crime in our society.


            The purpose of this study are identified as follows.

(a)          To identify various types of crimes and criminal activities that are prevalent in Nigerian society.

(b)          To find out the factors responsible for the crime rate in Abeokuta/South Local Government.

(c)          To determine the negative effects of this criminal activities in our society.

(d)          To examine the implications of criminal activities on the educational upbringing of the youth.

(e)          To suggest probable solutions to most of the crimes prevalent in the society and way of curbing some of the criminal activities from spreading among the youth.


            The following research questions were asked to guide the study.

i.                    What are some of the forms of crimes?

ii.                 What are the factors responsible for crime and its alarming rate in Abeokuta South Local Government?

iii.               What are the effects of crimes among youth in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State?

iv.               How can the menace of criminal activities be eradicated in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State?


            The importance of this work cannot be over emphasized considering the effect of crime on the social life of Nigeria both within and outside the country.

            The significance of the study of this work will help in finding out what is crime and criminal behaviours in our society and the causes of these acts among Nigerian youths. Also, it will help us to identify the effect of crime and dangers it pose in the society.

            This study would be of benefits to other researchers who are interested in investigating into various criminal activities prevalent among Nigerian youths


            The scope of this study covers various crime and other criminal activities that are prevalent among Nigerian youths. Basically in terms of area coverage, this study is delimited to the people of Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun state.


            The study has been limited to local government level which is Abeokuta South Local Government. Some of the constraints are due is limited time at disposal of this researcher. There is also the financial constraint which narrows down the area of operation of the researcher.

            There are other impediments like the member of people to be included in the study in accessibility to Law Enforcement Agents records to ascertain the rate of crime.

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