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  Background of the study

  For over a decade now, the Nigeria economy has been in dire strait on doldrums. They continued economy crunch has highlighted the need for feasibility study before embarking any project. The aim of this study is to let cooperation and general public know the important of a feasibility report, in any business venture most especially cooperative business venture. 

The importance of a well prepared feasibility study in the cause cooperative information and investment drive can not be over emphasized. A well prepared feasibility study can be used to obtained loan from banks and thus attract other investments. Cooperative projects backed by good feasibility studies are difficult to wind up easily. The drive for investment can only take place when there is sufficient money or resources. For any project there are the alternative technology, production equipment, building and other investments. As each decision is concluded the next issue is the problem of selecting the most viable of the various alternatives. It is against this background that the researcher wants to embark upon the research topic titled "feasibility studied and co operative formation investment drive. (A study of the usefulness of feasibility studies in the course of co operative formation and investment drive).  

  Statement of problem

  The importance of feasibility studies in the course of co operative formation and investment drive cannot be overemphasized or ignored. The failure of some co operative business ventures deserve to be questioned: were feasibility studies prepared, how good the feasibility studies were were the provision well implemented, the nature of the staff qualify etc.

  Significance of the study

  This study will highlight on the relevance of feasibility studies and co operative formation investment drive.

This will be of immense benefit to those wanting to engage in new ventures.

It will also help in minimizing business failure among co operative, since people will appreciate the need to embark on feasibility studies in the course of co operative formation / investment drive.

  Scope of the study

  Due to the fact the researcher is a student and do not have enough teim and money to research on the whole topic, the researcher selected a few co operative society from which references can be made that is enugu east, Enugu south, enugu north and Enugu central

  Limitation of the study

  The availability of correct and up to date information is not easy even the available ones still encounter wholly unnecessary bottlenecks due to our socio cultural milieu, bureaucracy and subterranean motive.

The researcher also encountered financial and time constraints, exorbitant, unreasonable, too high or great transportation cost, high level of risk of the data base constituted limitation themselves. This contributed to the researcher small sample size.

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