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        Many organization uses computerized information system to keep their data/information. There is an urgent need to document every information of an organization for the decision making in such organization.

        Fee clearance information system/software is used mainly in higher institute of learning to track the record of students data/information need to be change to the electronic format of processing.

        Bursary department in every institution is highly and need to be taken care of. This department deal with students figures in terms of payment and therefore need to be well documented. Figures can be easily manipulated and incorrectly represented which call for immediate attention when dealing with such information.

        Because of the manual approach used in bursary department, a lot of students’ records are mismanaged. The institute also has suffered a lot of bruises like improper calculation of student departmental fees, embezzlement of the institute money by some bursary staff and some student claiming that they have paid.

        Fee clearance information system/software, FCIS is well automated system. Fee clearance information system/software makes the staffs of bursary department of any institution to be accountable to the management. The management uses fee clearance information system/software, FCIS as effective tool in keeping all the students records as pertaining their payment. The management uses fee clearance information system/software; FCIS to know the entire student that have made their payment and those owing them. It is used as a effective tool to calculate all the student payment and document such report.

        Another important aspect of fee clearance information system/software, FCIS is that it is used as effective tool during student’s clearance. Being automated system, the student’s record will be easily retrieve to check his/her payment status. Before now, the student’s payment record must have been recorded in the system by the computer operator in the bursary department. Once a student’s record is brought out the payment status will show. If the student is owing any department fee, the fee clearance information system/software, FCIS will indicate it and vice verse.

Statement of Problem

(i)                The difficulties people face in keeping information/data.

(ii)               Unwillingness attitude of some staff when dealing with data/information.

(iii)             Fragile nature of information/data.

(iv)             Difficulties people encountered when searching for a given information.

(v)              Time wasted in searching for information on packed files.

(vi)             Time wasted in sorting files

(vii)           Important nature of data/information in the growth of any organization.

The need arise for the development of fee clearance information system/software bursary department, for a higher institution.

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